About Us
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Amazing A+ Driving was established April of 2012 by Lester and Pamela Brooks. Mr. & Mrs. Brooks are certified educators in the Texas school system with combined 50 plus years of experience. They have a passion for education on all levels from infancy to collegiate, and adults. 

They decided to plant the driving school in the Crosby area to allow students to learn how to drive with safety driving skills in the surrounding communities such as Northshore, Channelview, Dayton, Huffman, Highlands and Baytown and most of all the growing city of Crosby. Amazing A+ Driving is a stepping-stone for safe teen and adult drivers. Our goals are to:
Our Team
Javion Taylor
Drivers Education Teacher- NSSH
Javian Taylor is a Chemistry teacher at North Shore Sr. High School.  He is in the process of pursuing a Master's in Educatio Administration. Javian is a great teacher for our students at NSSH.  His science background adds flavor to the driving education class. We are excited having Javian on our team. 
Danna Moten
In Car Instructor
Mildred Baszile
In Car Instructor
Ms Baszile is an educator in Galena Park Independent School District and has been for 20+ years.  We are glad to have Ms Baszile on board driving our students in North Shore and in the Crosby area.  
Felicia Lazard
Driving Instructor
Ms Lazard is a fulltime employee with Galena Park Independent School District. She has worked in transportation for 12 years and deeply enjoys her work.  We are pleased to have a CDL experienced instructor on our team.  
Lester Brooks
Driving Test Instructor
Knowledge is power, and I believe the more knowledge we provide for our future drivers the safer our highways will become. I enjoy providing that knowledge for our teen and adult drivers. I have been an educator in Galena Park ISD for 27 years working with students will all types of learning syles.  I am now available to administer the driving test for teens and adults. 
Pamela Brooks
Classroom and Driving Test Instructor & DADAP Instructor
I have a passion for meeting the needs of all students academically, spiritually, as well as physically.  
Tamela Brooks
Classroom and In-Car Instructor
I am excited and have a strong desire to not only educate individuals but inspire them to pursue their goals. I am also excited because I not only teach the drivers Ed component but Zumba as well. Look forward to meeting you all.
James Stafford
Office Administrator
James Stafford is the office aministrator of Amazing A+ Driving School, as well as the Adult and In-car driving instructor.  James has been working for Amazing A+ for 3 years. He is available to answer the phone during hours of operations but graciously answers when the school is closed. (opens at 5). He drives in Crosby and North Shore and drives adult students.