Adult 6 Hour Class
As of March 1, 2010 the state of Texas law changed to require persons from 18 to 24 years of age who wish to obtain a driver license to successfully complete a 6-hour driver education course, exclusively for adults or a complete adult and teen driver education course.
However, first time driver license applicants 25 years and older are encouraged to participate in this educational driver education program.
The class is a 6-hour one day course that can also be broken up into (2) Three hour days and includes topics such as: Right Away Rules Road Rules & Signs Railroad Rules Distractions Road Rage Drinking and Driving Laws and Rules
Apart of the course participants must pass the Texas Department of Public Safety road rules and signs written examination. Upon completion of the 6-hour course students will receive an AD1317, which is an adult driver education certificate.
All new drivers must take an additional 1 hour online course called ITYD.  This course is free of charge and you must have completion certificate to do a driving test. 

If you reserve your space on-line, payment must be made the Thursday before class. If paid on day of class, there's a $25 additional charge.