DPS Driving Test


Coming without the proper documents will slow your process or you will have to reschedule.
Use this form as a check off list. Please print and bring in your certificates or there's a $5.00 fee.  No Exceptions
 If you register more than once without calling or emailing us to cancel the previous scheduled time 
all registrations will be cancelled or you will have to pay for each registration.
Find your age description to determine what you may need for testing. Please print out your registration 

  Driving Test for Teens 16-18

   Use this as a check off sheet. 

( ) D964 from driving school (Amazing Students we have your D964)
( ) Parent Taught program.  Please print out your drivers license completion certificate 
( ) Have a valid Texas  learner license for a minimum of six months (can not be expired)
( ) Must take ITTD 2 hour online course. (found on our website under resources) Print Certificate. $5.00 fee for us to print. 
( ) Cost Cash Only $100.00 
( ) Use our car for an additional $20.00 Please email us if you need to use our car.
( )   Please print out your reservation

Driving Test for Adults 18-24

( ) ADE-1317 Adult Course showing completion of a 6 hour Driver Education Course  or
( ) TEENS if started before turning 18 possess a valid DE-964  (get from driving school)
( ) After completing the 6 hour adult course you must go to the DPS office to recieve a restricted driver license
( ) Then schedule your driving test on our website. 
( ) Complete the ITYD (adults) video and receive a certificate dated within 90 days of the skills examination. Found on our website under resources #7 Print out certificate
( ) Cost Cash Only $100.00 

Individuals 25 years of age or older:

( ) After taking the 6 hour course you must have a valid restricted driver license.
   Print 2 copies of the completion certificate. 1 for DPS and 1 for driving test. 
( ) View the ITYD video and receive a certificate dated within 90 days of the skills examination.  Found on our website under resources #7. 
( ) Cost  Cash Only $100.00 
( ) Please print out your reservation   ITYD is on our website under resources. 
NOTE: Driver education is not required for individuals age 25 and older but is highly recommended.
( ) Must have valid restricted license 
( ) Cost  Cash  $100.00 
( ) You may use our car for an additional $20.00

TEENS need for DPS not to TEST

( ) VOE Verification of Enrollment 
( ) Parent Log 
( ) Sealed package from TPST Driving Tester (not to be opened)
( ) Valid Permit


All out of state persons, must have a valid Texas Permit or Restricted License

NOTE: Fee structures for driving skills examinations administered through the TPST program are not regulated by the Department.
Once you have registered, please print out your registration form confirming your time and date of test.
Do not register TWICE. Trust your first registration. 
If you must cancel, please email us or call as soon as possible. 
ou may not receive a confirmation from us therefore, print out your registration form with the date and time of testing. 
Your may use our car for $20.00

Please register once. If you register more than once, all registrations will be cancelled. 

We have the right to refuse service for any reason or just cause. 

If you register for a test and can't make it, please call us as soon as possible at 281-328-1356.
Location of test is 105-5 Kennings Road in Crosby, Texas.

Now,  click on courses above, Driving Test and get registered. 

Good Luck