1. Is a teenager required to complete a driver education course before receiving a driver license?
2. How long is the teen driver education course?
3. What are the contractual timelines and variance policies concerning completion of a teen driver education course?
4. If I am absent for a day or two from school, may I get an excused absence and miss those classes?
5. What documents do I need to take to DPS to get my permit? 
6. If I don’t see any drive times how do I schedule?
7. I already have my permit; can I register for Drive Time Only Class?
8. I don’t think I can complete my contract in time.  What can I do?
  1. Variance Policy will extend your contract for 3 additional months.
  2. FASTPASS, which allows priority, drive time scheduling.
  3. Depending on the amount of time you have, you may have to purchase both. 

9. My contract has expired what do I do now?
10. Do I have to attend DADAP? 
11. Can I email or call the school to cancel my drive time?  12. Can I observe in the car if I don't have my permit? 
13. Do I have to pay the entire cost of the class up front? 14. Can I take the DPS driving test at your location even if I didn't take class there?  15. How much does it cost to take the driving test?  16. I am an adult, can I take my driving test with Amazing A+ Driving School? 
          Yes you can take your drivng test with us.  Ages 18-24 only. Please check our website for more information. 

17.  Do you have classes that I may take on Saturdays only due to my hectic school schedule? 
         Yes, you can register for the Saturday Only Class.  It takes a little longer but it will meet your scheudling needs.