How to Use Schedule2drive
Schedule2drive is a program that is used to schedule drive times, log in parent driving times, student driving feedback and student record sheet, email/contact us, contract expiration date, drive time logs and much more.  Students have learned how to use schedule2drive in the classroom a minimum of 8+ days out of the 16 days in class.  They are able to teach parents how to use schedule2drive and the importance of scheduling drive times as often as possible. 
Students are able to schedule  with us every four days.  This allows students time to practice between drive times. Students must practice daily to improve their driving from day to day.


1.  Check every MONDAY the message board to see when we are releasing drive times.
     You are not able to schedule on Monday.
     You want to see WHEN the drive times are being released. 

2. On the day of release date and time, log on to schedule your drive time.  

(sample found on the message board)

Thursday April 27, 2017    8:00 pm
Thursday April 13, 2017    8:00pm
Thursday  March 30, 2017   8:00pm
Please check the message board every Monday to know WHEN we are releasing drive times.

Please don't say that you have been trying to schedule drive times and you really haven't.  Your account will be researched on our system to verify. Every log in is time and date stamped. Be honest if you haven't tried and didn't get a drive time.  Students are responsible for scheduling their drive times  as soon as they complete their 32 hour classroom work.  

Please do not wait until the last 2 months of your contract to begin driving with us.  At that time, you will have to either extend your contract and/or get a FASTPASS.  Call the school for more details. 

Click on resources above to create an account today. Please only make ONE account.  If you make more than one, you will be charged for both.